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About StrideView

StrideView Equestrian was founded by Jamie Speers in 2018. Her vision was to combine equine wellness and sport performance into one program.  As both a competitive show jumper and a certified Equine Sport Therapist, Jamie provides expertise in each of these areas.

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Coaching / Training

StrideView's Hunter/Jumper program operates out of Ten Equestrian, a beautiful facility just NW of Edmonton, AB. We focus on helping each horse & rider achieve confidence and finesse, whether on the flat or over fences.

Equine Sport Therapy

Jamie Speers is certified in Advanced Equine Massage and Vertebral Realignment therapies. She offers individualized treatments consisting of soft tissue and joint manipulations. 


About Jamie


Jamie Speers has over 20 years of experience in the horse industry, riding, training, teaching, competing, and treating horses. She has an extensive show record in hunters, jumpers and equitation alike, and has competed at top venues across North America. She has worked for several elite show jumping professionals across Canada, exposing her to a variety of training methods. Through this experience, Jamie has developed her own style of training that balances both wellness and performance.

Jamie also has formal post-secondary education in the equine field. She studied Equine Nutrition at the University of Guelph, focusing on the nutrition of the performance horse. She then undertook an intensive hands-on program in Advanced Equine Sports Massage and Vertebral Realignment, where she graduated as a Certified Advanced Equine Sport Therapist. 

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