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Equine Sport Therapy

Equine Massage  Equine Vertebral Realignment

We offer specialized equine sport therapy to the horses in our training program. Our sessions employ certified massage and vertebral realignment (chiropractic) techniques. These modalities focus on regaining and maintaining the functionality of the muscular and skeletal structures of the equine body. 


  • circulation

  • detoxification

  • oxygen movement

  • cellular nutrition

  • muscular efficiency

  • range of motion

  • digestion


  • pain & irritability

  • swelling

  • recovery time

  • muscle spasms

  • scar tissue

  • high blood pressure

  • mucus in lungs


  • muscle tone

  • extensibility

  • immune system

  • flow of lymph

  • heart rate

  • lung capacity

  • nerve function

​There are many factors at play when it comes to equine soreness and lameness. Some common culprits include:

  • soft tissue tension

  • scar tissue & adhesions

  • vertebral misalignment

  • acute injury

  • chronic pain

  • ill-fitting tack

  • incompatible exercise program

  • rider imbalance

  • teeth / jaw problems

  • trailering


 Whether an Olympic athlete or a pasture pony, all horses will experience muscle tension and joint misalignment at some point. If not remedied, this could progress into reduced mobility, behavioral problems, structural changes and more.  


Equine sport therapy can help mitigate the effects of these common afflictions. Regular treatments will help your horse to perform at their best. 


We offer 3 treatment options for your horse:


Combined Equine Massage & VR


Equine Massage Treatment

Brinsley & Jamie_edited.jpg

Vertebral Realignment Treatment

Equine Massage


Our massage techniques include deep tissue, lymphatic, myofascial, trigger point, scar tissue friction, compression, stretching and more. Working with the various soft tissues, we improve range of motion and functionality of the equine body. 


Massage provides many great benefits to your horse, including: reduced muscle tension / fatigue / limitations, improved blood flow / nerve function / range of motion, and decreased chance of injury / pain.

Equine Vertebral Realignment


We practice a form of chiropractic care called 'vertebral realignment and joint play'. This modality focuses on improving the range of motion or functionality of the spine and various joints in the equine body by realigning dysfunctional areas with gentle force.


Prior to any adjustments, we work the surrounding soft tissues of the joint so that the adjustment is accepted and held by the body. This allows us to adjust with a relaxed yet firm pressure, negating the need to 'crack' or 'force' a joint into position. As a result, the horses learn to stay relaxed and trusting during treatments.

Q & A


Who's it for?   Every type of equine, from grand prix competitor to retiree, can benefit from equine sport therapy. Massage and chiropractic therapies positively affect the equine body by stimulating and rehabilitating the cardiovascular, muscular, lymphatic, respiratory and nervous systems. 

What's included?   Each session includes an assessment of the equine, treatment of the equine (massage, vertebral realignment, or both), and a written report detailing the work performed and the aftercare recommended.

Where do you travel?   Our program prioritizes the StrideView horses at our home facility in Edmonton, AB.

What is the length of a session?  Sessions range in length from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment performed and the individual needs of the horse.


How often should my horse be treated?   Regular sessions will offer the greatest benefit to your horse. We recommend a monthly treatment plan for maintenance, with extra treatment during rehabilitation or while in competition. 

*Please note:   Equines cannot be treated while recovering from an infection, while on antibiotics, or while under sedation.




Jamie Speers - CAEMT, CVRT, BA

Certified Advanced Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Certified Vertebral Realignment Therapist

Jamie attended The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies under the mentorship of Sidonia McIntyre. After completing a 300+ hour program, Jamie graduated as a Certified Equine Sport Therapist. 


Jamie practices safe and tested equine rehab methods. She specializes in Equine Sports Massage and Vertebral Realignment therapies, and has been treating horse since 2018.  


Stretching is an integral part of your horse's daily routine.  Stretching not only prepares the muscles for exercise, it also reduces tension, increases extensibility, and improves range of motion. 


Daily stretches will help to decrease the chance of injury and increase your horse's ability to use their body to their full potential. Our equine sport therapy sessions include a personalized recommendation on stretches to incorporate into your horse's routine.

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